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Great vacation home opportunity in the Valley of the Sun!! September 22, 2010

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Great Vacation Property Joint Ownership opportunity in Ahwatukee AZ.

FREE Joint Ownership Document Package with a property sale through us, a $999 Value.

Asking $165,000

Built: 1983/ 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms/ 1,818 SQFT Updated Kitchen, NEW Whirlpool Stainless steel appliances, NEW Carpet, NEW tile, NEW landscaping, NEW paint, NEW fixtures and no popcorn ceilings. 2 car garage, large backyard, view fence, awesome location!

Don’t miss this little gem. Low HOA fees. Award winning Kyrene school district. Close to dining, shopping, freeway access. Just a short hop to central Phoenix.

With furniture this vacation home is Turn Key ready to occupy during a the cold Canadian and US winters and would be an investment of approximately $200,000 OR with 4 joint owners only $50,000 a piece to break free from winter! 🙂

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity in the Valley of the Sun!

Arizona Vacation Home Strategies February 24, 2010

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Arizona Vacation Home Strategies

Learn how to purchase an executive winter home fully furnished for the price of a car!

Vacation home strategies ~ An easy way to invest in undervalued real estate and enjoy it during the cold winters.

Ask us how at

Michael@Kuhbock.com or azjointownership@gmail.com

Why Phoenix?????

  • Nearly perfect year-round weather
  • The greater Phoenix area also offers visitors an array of impressive cultural attractions.
  • 200 + golf courses
  • Recreation, Major league sports – baseball, football, hockey!!!!!
  • Strong Canadian dollar!!
  • US Home Prices Continue to Tumble…
  • Sub-Prime mortgage buying opportunities!!

What is Joint Ownership all about?

Purchasing a vacation home in Arizona ~ Steps To Success

A little about Phoenix ~ Metro Phoenix Overview

A little about Phoenix Real Estate and Joint Ownership Considerations

A little about Golf In Phoenix

To be a real estate analyst….. November 13, 2009

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To be an analyst it todays market means that you would never be wrong… all you need in your predictions is the word ‘but’.

The market has stabilized but … The market is up over last (choose your date) but … Recovery is just around the corner but …..

We have hit bottom but ….

Bottom line is the Valley housing market has a long way to go before it is in a ‘real’ recovery phase that shows sustainable positive numbers and real upward trends across all classes of homes and all areas of the Valley. We are close to the bottom and will bounce along it now until the economic recovery takes hold. When will that happen? Your guess is as valid and as good as anyone elses as it is a crap shoot now.

House resale values in some market segments still have a way to fall, some analysts are calling for another 24% + drop, some market segments have stabilized and some small pockets in the Valley are even seeing an uptick in value. But … make sure you compare apples to apples, something that is not always done.

We are even seeing the new home construction now compete with resale in the same areas as builders have to keep their businesses afloat and need to move product to do so, deals are to be had if you have the kahoonas to risk investing with a developer that might not be around after you have put up half the money and your dream home is only 1/3 completed. Make sure you work with a stable developer that has a long history in the Valley and a well sold development, there are many out there but caveat emptor.

Foreclosure properties are still a very BIG wild card, how many are sitting on the desks of the lenders not yet processed, how many will be coming on to the market in early 2010 once the economy tightens a little more and the next wave hits, how many investors will be walking away from portfolios of properties that will then go into the foreclosure mill?????

Below is a decent but very vanilla overview on the market, an interesting read at least.

I think my next post might rant about REO properties a little more but until then have a great weekend.

Phoenix Housing Market Showing Signs of Recovery, but Still Has Issues

Published: November 12, 2009 in Knowledge@W.P. Carey

t’s Indian Summer in the Phoenix real estate market: Like a replay of the traditional high sales months, resale activity increased in October — from 9,070 sales in September to 9,955. But although the level of activity appears strong, it’s not necessarily a sign of recovery, as foreclosures continue…….



AZ Real Estate News Articles November 5, 2009

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The first article reviews some of the signs of a false bottom for the AZ real estate market and the second might be an indication of how the foreclosure supply might see an increase when underwater owners just throw in the towel and walk away. Is the recent Vally real estate good news a dead cat bounce phenomena? Time will tell and 2010 will definitely be interesting.

Unseasonably high home sales in October linked to tax rebate
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA

Phoenix real-estate agent and property manager Melinda Murphy attributed the relatively … Phoenix real-estate analyst Jim Belfiore of Belfiore Real Estate …

UA prof to some homeowners: Consider walking away
AZ Central.com – AZ,USA
She’s the keynote at Lambda Alpha International’s Phoenix real-estate conference on Tuesday. The event starts at 7:30 am at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown …

More walk away from homes, mortgages
By Stephanie Armour, USA TODAY
When Sharon Sakson was laid off recently from her job as a television writer and producer, she burned through her savings to pay the $2,400 monthly mortgage on her home. But she soon decided it didn’t make sense: Her home was worth thousands less than the mortgage she carried on it.


Fannie Mae seeks $15 BLN in US aid after 3Q loss
By Alan Zibel, AP Real Estate Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fannie Mae is asking for an additional $15 billion in government aid after posting another big loss in the third quarter as the taxpayer bill from the housing market bust keeps rising.

The government-controlled company continued….

What is a real estate purchaser to believe???? October 21, 2009

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I recently came across 2 separate articles that focused on the future of the real estate market. One was a national publication with grounded statistics while the other article was a local Phoenix publication that also was based on relatively hard numbers.

The funny thing is that both articles screamed the opposite opinion of where the market is going. The Phoenix based article speaks of a recovery and that the real estate slump is over while the national article talks about more pain and how real estate prices are about to go much lower.

My take is that the market will bounce along the bottom for another 36 to 48 months, great deals will be had and some insulated pockets in the Valley will actually see a decline in properties for sale and realize a marginal appreciation in value.

Check out the articles for yourself:

Phoenix-area consultants contend local real estate slump is over
Bizjournals.com – Charlotte,NC,USA
Two Phoenix real estate consultants are claiming the local residential real estate meltdown is over. Karl Guntermann, the Fred E. Taylor professor of real …

Housing Prices: Expected to Drop More in the Next Year?Home values are predicted to fall in 342 out of 381 markets in the next year, according to a new forecast. Learn why and find out which cities could buck the trend…

Recent AZ real estate news articles August 17, 2009

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More news articles on the metro Phoenix real estate market and beyond:

Home Prices: There’s No Quick Recovery Ahead

by Brett Arends
Monday, August 17, 2009

provided by

So, is our long national nightmare over? Has the housing market finally hit bottom?

There has been some muted — albeit exhausted — cheering from homeowners in recent weeks. But before we break out the champagne……

Valley home building resumes as new builders take over
AZ Central.com – AZ,USA
Phoenix real-estate analyst Jim Belfiore of Belfiore Real Estate Consulting said companies are taking full advantage of recent moves by lenders to sell off …

Foreclosure bill is now tied to state’s budget
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
Former Arizona State Land Commissioner Mark Winkleman joined Mortgages Ltd., the Phoenix real-estate lender founded by Scott Coles. Winkleman, a real-estate …

Fidelity Releases Metro Phoenix Real Estate Trends and Predictions
Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA
This information is released in partnership with The Cromford Report, a daily report tracking the residential real estate trends of the Metropolitan Phoenix …

Foreclosures Forecast to Increase

Foreclosure Investors Rely on Innovative Rental Strategies

New appliances. Upgraded bathrooms. Plasma televisions. Granite countertops. High-end fixtures. These are some of the perks foreclosure landlords are offering their tenants. With the market for home …

Some interesting news articles over the last week July 31, 2009

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The wild and wonderful world of metro Phoenix real estate.

Is it good? – Yes

Is it bad? – Yes

Is it all over the map? – Yes

The market is definitely not for the faint of heart but when markets are in upheaval  there are opportunities for those who buy smart and have the right time horizon in their investment plan.

Below are a couple of recent news articles that you might find of interest, the comments on the ‘New Law’ article are interesting!

Have a great weekend!



Phoenix Existing Home Sales Increases 71 Percent
NuWire Investor – Bellevue,WA,USA
Phoenix real estate appears to be rebounding with a strong increase in existing home sales. Existing home sales have increased for 12 consecutive months now …

New law triggers fear for housing
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
“I got a call from an out-of-state lender that is considering holding off on a foreclosure until after September 30,” said Phoenix real-estate attorney Marc ..

TopTenRealEstateDeals.com Introduces The Top 10 Phoenix Real
PR Web (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
According to Amy, “It’s old news that the Phoenix real estate market has been pretty hard hit over the last few years. This has created some incredible …

Has the residential real estate market bottomed out? June 16, 2009

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Now that we are recession battle weary and it seems like forever since we have heard any good economic news many are contemplating the question – are we finally turning the corner? This is the million dollar question and if you don’t like the predictions from one analyst or economist then Google for another and you will have a prediction that is significantly different than the last one you just read.

In any case, one indisputable fact is that we are now hearing more cries from the gallery that we are approaching the bottom of this down real estate market, where even some stats are showing the one off market improving month over month.

See recent article:

ASU-RSI: Beginning of the End or Price Plunge

Published: June 15, 2009 in Knowledge@W.P. Carey

Sales data from March indicates that a trend change in housing prices might be underway in the beleaguered Phoenix metro market. click above title link for complete article

I think we are close to the bottom as the supply and demand curves are leveling out and price reductions in most areas have begun to stagnate. We will continue to see depressed prices for properties that have been run down and are in need of a complete rehab so one must compare apples to apples and focus once again on value versus solely on just price per square foot.

Yes I could buy a house down the street at $40 psf versus one four doors down that is listed at $60 psf but the one at $40 needs to be rebuilt inside where the $60 house just needs some minor updating, so if you compare the value the $40 psf house probably needs $40,000+ in rehab work and you still might find more issues down the road with a beat up property so is it really the deal you thought it was?

In many parts of Metro Phoenix and North America for that matter good properties that are priced at market are selling quickly at their asking price, this is a sign that we are bottoming out in some geographical markets and that if we dont move upwards we will perhaps bounce along the bottom for a while.

Here is an interesting article with a country wide geographical view of the market:

Buying and Selling 2009: What It’s Really Like
by Dana Dratch
Monday, June 1, 2009
provided byBankrate

For buyers and sellers, the past few months have been schizophrenic.

In 2009, sellers are battling shrinking home values and a constricting pool of available buyers. Buyers are sensing opportunities on home prices and home mortgages — if they have the credit, job security and ready cash to qualify. click above title link for complete article

The real estate free fall might just be over but what ever you do make sure that you educate yourself before jumping into the real estate pool. There are some great deals for the new homeowners, investors and those that might be looking to move back in after a real estate set back.

Good luck and happy house hunting!



Chandler Arizona Real Estate Market Showing Substantial Improvement April 7, 2009

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A positive review by David Lorti

Chandler Arizona Real Estate Market Showing

Substantial Improvement

Buyer Demand for Chandler Homes Rising Rapidly

Chandler, Arizona 4/06/2009 04:41 PM GMT (TransWorldNews)


Chandler, Arizona’s real estate market is experiencing substantial improvement in residential activity with lower available home inventory and higher home sales.

This improvement is primarily due to increased buyer demand for homes as a result of lower home prices, low interest rates, and the $8,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit, all of which are spurring interest by buyers to purchase homes.

To understand the changes currently taking place in the Chandler housing market, there are three areas that require review—the number of available Chandler homes for sale, the number of Chandler homes under contract for purchase, and the number of sold Chandler homes.

Available Inventory of Chandler Homes Showing Modest Decline

Available Chandler home inventory has been experiencing a modest decline and is now at a three year low.  The rate of decline is lower when compared to other real estate markets of the Phoenix Metropolitan area where buyer demand is more robust, but Chandler has generally been less impacted by the market downturn than those same communities.

The decline in inventory is largely due to the overall improvement in buyer demand rather than cancellations and expirations of property listings.

Buyer Demand for Chandler Real Estate is Strengthening Rapidly

Buyer demand, as measured by the number of actively marketed Chandler homes currently under contract for purchase in Chandler, is showing impressive improvement.

25.6% of the properties currently for sale in the Chandler real estate market are under contract, a 9% point increase since November 2008.  More striking is that 5 points of that improvement has taken place within the last 30 days.

Put another way, for every 10 homes on the market, there are now 2 ½ buyers vs. 2 buyers a month ago.

Comparing against prior years, Chandler’s performance is surpassing that seen in the 2006-2008 period though still less than that seen in the 2003-2005 period.

As mentioned earlier, buyers are being spurred on by three major factors.  First, Chandler home prices have declined to such an extent that the prices are attracting attention.  Second, interest rates are at historical lows with borrowers attaining loans with as little as a 4-5% interest rate.  Third, “first-time homebuyers” who are eligible receive a $8,000 tax credit for purchasing a home.  This money does not have to be repaid unlike the previous homebuyer tax credit program.

The improvement in buyer demand is working to reduce existing inventory as more buyers are stepping up to purchase Chandler homes.

Sales of Chandler Homes Increasing

Chandler home sales activity is beginning to show greater strength in sales over 2008 trends as the number of homes under contract for purchase rises.  In the last 30 days, sales activity has begun to separate more clearly away from 2008 levels.  It is important to note that 2008 appears as the low point for closed sales activity in Chandler.

Given the pending home sales performance mentioned above, we should expect to see the number of actual closed sales increase over the coming 1-3 months.  Indicators are that Chandler real estate will post stronger numbers than that seen in 2008.

Chandler Foreclosures & Short Sales

Chandler, like many Valley communities, has been beset by foreclosures and short sales which have forced prices down aggressively from market highs.

Valleywide, the number of foreclosures do represent a trouble spot for the Chandler real estate market.  Indeed, the 90-day rolling average for the number of Trustee’s Sale notices issued daily continues to grow with over 300 notices given per day.  As well, the number of actual Trustee’s Sale or foreclosure auction proceedings per day is growing and represents approximately 140 foreclosures daily.  Together, these figures point to an increased number of foreclosed homes entering the marketplace in the near term, potentially driving down pricing for existing homes.

Chandler Real Estate Outlook

Overall, the Chandler real estate market is clearly experiencing improvement.
In the next 1-3 months, we should hope to see additional erosion of available Chandler homes inventory given buyer demand.  Though we could see a steady sloping of pending sales activity as the year progresses, the trend should maintain a higher level than that seen in the last two to three year period.  Actual 2009 Chandler home sales should post better results going forward for Chandler than that seen in 2008.

In summary, Chandler real estate appears to be shoring up and laying a more solid foundation for further improvement resulting in reduced inventory, higher pending sales activity, and higher home sales.  Though more foreclosures loom in the marketplace, the outlook for the Chandler real estate market is more promising for the moment.  Time will tell.

About David Lorti

David Lorti is a professional Realtor for Thompson’s Realty in the Phoenix Real Estate Market market. He holds a MBA and Certified Negotiation Expert designation and his insights have been quoted in numerous news outlets. His website, LortiHomesArizona.com, and blog, LortiHomesBlog.com, offer additional market insights on Ahwatukee Real Estate, Chandler Real Estate, Gilbert Real Estate, and all parts of the Phoenix area.

Metro Phoenix Real Estate – Is the glass half full or half empty? March 31, 2009

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Like most people I always hear about those that buy low and sell high but have rarely experience that phenomena myself. The Metro Phoenix real estate market holds a lot of promise for the average investor / homeowner to change their luck.

Metro Phoenix real estate has and is going through a tumultuous time, depending upon the survey, study or report, the Phoenix real estate market is horrible and continuing down the path to utter despair with no end in sight. See a recent Forbes report on the 10 Best and Worst US Housing Markets, we made it to number 2! Most would see the glass as half empty if not total dry, like being out in the Phoenix summer 115 degree heat. But it is a dry heat and as it happens every year in Phoenix the temperatures will moderate and with open arms welcome the shivering masses that are escaping the bitter cold from elsewhere in North America.  Thus I see this as the glass being half full.

Tell me where can you now purchase a principle residence, investment property or vacation home at these prices (2003 levels or lower) and live in an area where everyone wants to either visit to escape the cold and golf, retire to, move to because of the climate and lifestyle or beat the losing investment habit and buy low by getting in at the bottom and sell high in the future while enjoying a respite from the cold.

Thus is the Metro Phoenix real estate glass not securely half full? Add the global aging demographic and reports like the following Forbes report highlighting the top 10 cities where Americans are relocating, Phoenix is #4.

Last month in Phoenix I golfed with 5 different couples that were in Phoenix to get out of the cold and begin the journey of looking to relocate/retire in a more comfortable part of the world.

Thus saddle up to the Phoenix real estate bar and order a big, cool half full glass of opportunity! 🙂