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About Michael Kuhbock

Michael Kuhbock

Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Integration Consortium
Corporate Development Engineer, Integration InSite
Michael Kuhbock founded the Integration Consortium in July 2001 after identifying a business priority that industry trends were communicated with reliability and dependability. Since that time in his position as Chairman, Michael has led the organization to expand into an international standards and thought leadership body comprised of the most influential technology industry leaders and end users. Through his efforts, the Consortium has grown from a vision into a leading global integration community.

Michael currently is the principal of Integration InSite, a leading corporate development company dedicated to enabling the capacity for change/gain.
With more than 22 years of business entrepreneurial experience Michael provides strategic and solution planning for clients ranging from high-tech startups to global organizations.

In addition, Michael has authored for major computing and business publications, and keynotes at many leading technology conferences around the world on business integration, service oriented architecture and enterprise collaboration.

A detailed overview of Michael can be found on his public LinkedIn profile page.

Michael can be reached at michael@kuhbock.com
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