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A brilliant parody on sales and vendor client engagements August 21, 2009

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Putting my management consultant hat on for a second, here is a wonderful video on the issues the vendor community has, especially in IT, with their prospects and customers. This is not really an exaggeration as I have seen far worse.



Business Collaboration Introduction June 12, 2008

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Business Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0, a real simple overview.

Enterprise 2.0 is an evolving phenomenon, and has been termed as use of freeform social software within companies (as defined by Andrew McAfee, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School, one of the thought leaders in this space). The challenges with Enterprise 2.0 are twofold. First is the acceptance and use by non-technology business people. Here the problem is in the adoption and use of the Web 2.0 tools by technological neophytes, which would allow for the creation of any corporate value from a business collaboration standpoint. The second challenge is overcoming the managerial fear of unrestricted corporate communication both inside and outside the company firewall. Old school management philosophies and new era security methodologies can extinguish any free form collaboration value that Enterprise Web 2.0 can bring into an organisation. Both these points can stall and stop any adoption of enterprise collaboration thus negating any value derived by a company.

Meet Charlie – what is  Enterprise 2.0 is one of the best and simplest overviews on the value of business collaboration and the associated tools that can be used.

The challenge we see today is that the technology tends to get into the way and we forget the bigger picture, communication between human beings.


The business definition for enterprise integration June 11, 2008

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Integration or enterprise integration has many of not hundreds of definitions, subsets, accronyms. Thus when the topic of integration is brought up within the technology community there is a level of confusion but when the topic of enterprise integration is brought up in the business community there is massive amounts of confusion.

Therefore some time ago I created a new definition for enterprise integration which everyone can relate to and posted it on the Integration Consortium website, www.integrationconsortium.org.

For anyone that has not seen it here it is

Definition for Integration By Michael Kuhbock


Integration (in-te-gra-tion) – a combination of parts or objects that work well together.
Communication (com-mu-ni-ca-tion) – the exchange of information.

Integration is the successful communication between data, applications, processes, people and enterprises.

From a business perspective integration is communication, whether it is between people, companies or technology.


Every now and again you need a good laugh June 10, 2008

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Perhaps this is the biggest reason we have for issues today, inadequate communication…..